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Living in Springfield Is Easy

Springfield, Missouri is a place you can truly call home. With all the convenience and opportunities of a large city (3rd Largest in Missouri), and the comfort and security of a small town, Springfield is the perfect place to live your best life.
Our guide to Living in Springfield shows you the options you have for neighborhoods, transportation, safety, and healthcare. In Springfield, you can truly live the way you want, and this guide can help put you on that path.
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School Life

Grow in Springfield

With more than a dozen local colleges, and universities Springfield, Mo is focused on providing exceptional education opportunities. Those seeking to further their own abilities, or provide quality education for their families have a variety of options in the Springfield region.


Find your space

Springfield has one of the most diverse, and affordable markets in the region. From downtown lofts, to rural living you can live well no matter your budget or preference. 


create your experience

There is always something happening in downtown Springfield. Enjoy the festivals, fairs, and fun downtown. The square in Springfield hosts art galleries, libraries, breweries, and much more. No matter your interest you’ll be able to find just the right shop to meet your need.

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