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Adventure Awaits You in Springfield, Missouri

Springfield, Missouri is packed with hidden gems for getting outdoors and visiting beautiful, natural locations. Whether you are looking to hike through beautiful waterfalls and cliffs, go for a scenic drive, or cycle through the Frisco Highline Trail,  Springfield is the perfect place to experience nature’s true beauty. 
Our guide to Experience the Outdoors provides the greatest outdoor adventures Springfield has to offer, in any season. In Springfield, you can truly experience and appreciate the gorgeous scenery and outdoors, and this guide can help put you on that path.
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For the Afternoon

parks and greenways

With more than 100 miles of recreational trails, golf courses, a zoo, botanical gardens, and more, Springfield has countless options for spending an afternoon in the sunshine. Whether you’re looking for a date spot, a family outing, or a peaceful walk, you’ll find the perfect spot to enjoy the fresh air and scenery.

For the day

lakes and riverways

If you’re ready to dedicate a day to the pursuit of outdoor adventures, you are in for a treat! From exciting downhill BMX stunt tracks to peaceful sunrise canoe rides, it’s all within reach when you live in Springfield.

for the weekend

state parks and rivers

If you’re planning a weekend excursion, you are sure to find plenty of excitement and natural beauty just a short drive from home. Find all varieties for a weekend of exploration, from ancient cave systems, to mountain tops, to rivers, waterfalls, lakes, and everything in between. 

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